Midwest Region Committee


Midwest Regional Committee Updates

Midwest Regional Ctte Status Report - March 2019

The current mission statement for the Midwest Regional Committee is:

• To open up lines of communication among the various groups and Intergroups in the region.

• To strengthen the ACA message in our combined area by establishing this next level of service and unity.

The current geographical location of the Midwest Regional Committee (MRC) consists of the following states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

The following Intergroups & Individual meetings represent the Midwest Regional Committee (MRC) via In-Person meetings, Phone calls, and Emails:

   IN-Recovery (IG# 647) Minnesota (IG# 56)

Northeast Wisconsin (IG# 612) West Great Lakes (IG# 70)

Metro Detroit (IG# 12)

Missouri & Southern Illinois (IG# 604) Southwest Ohio (IG# 601)

Some individual meetings in Iowa

The Midwest Regional Committee (MRC) has decided there is interest in forming the “Midwest Region”. The MRC will proceed with creating and approving Bylaws and a Non-Profit 501c Identity. A proposal for applying to be a registered “Region” during the 2021 WSO ABC is being drafted and will be discussed with in the MRC for 2019.

The MRC will discuss releasing our draft website www.midwestregionaca.org to the public domain in 2019. Everyone is welcome to explore this draft website.

In the spirit of ACA unity,

Matt K

Midwest Regional Committee Member