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Order Literature from the Northeast Wisconsin ACA Intergroup 612

Northeast Wisconsin ACA 612 Individual book prices:

ACA Text (The Big Red Book):  $15

12 Step Workbook (Yellow Workbook): $11

Strengthening My Recovery (Hardcover Daily Meditation Book): $12

NOTE: Book sold individually  require minimal ($1) shipping cost. (Contact Kelli N. to arrange pick up or drop off)

NOTE: Books bought in full case quantity qualify for Intergroup 30% Discount upon Request and Prepayment and will be shipped to you directly plus shipping fees. (case of BRB come 20 per case $15 x 20 = $300 with Discount case of BRB 20 per case $13.50 x 20 = $270).

Book orders need to be ordered thru Kelli N. to receive 30% Discount. 

Make checks payable to ACA NEW.

To order from The Northeast Wisconsin ACA Intergroup 612

Contact the Intergroup Literature Chair Kelli N. at: